Here is a list of the courses I’ve taught and served as a TA for, along with the syllabi. If you are interested in learning more about my teaching, get more details on assignments or anything else, please get in touch. I am always happy to chat about teaching.

University of Iceland

Masters theses: Research plans and design (in Icelandic and English) (MA-level) Syllabus (English), Syllabus (Icelandic)

Organizational behavior (taught in Icelandic) (MA-level)

Hertie School

Statistics I: Descriptives, Inference and Regression (MA-level) Syllabus

Statistics II: Causal Inference (MA-level) Syllabus 2021, Syllabus 2022

LMU Munich

The United Nations System: Politics and Process (BA-level) Syllabus

Quantitative Approaches to International Politics (MA-level) Syllabus

Researching International Organization: An Introduction to Datasets and Quantitative Research in IR (BA-level)

Research Design in International Relations (BA-level) Syllabus 2019/2020, Syllabus 2020/2021

Theories of Bureaucratic Politics: An International Perspective (MA-level) Syllabus

University of Rochester


The United States in the Middle East (BA-level) Syllabus

Introduction to International Relations (BA-level) Syllabus

Teaching Assistant:

International Organization (BA-level) Syllabus

Environmental Politics (BA-level) Syllabus

Scope of Political Science (PhD-level) Syllabus 2014, Syllabus 2013

Introduction to American Politics (BA-level) Syllabus

Introduction to Political Philosophy (BA-level) Syllabus